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Deep Cleaning LondonWe maintain the entire gamut of cleaning services because we want our clients to know that we can lend them a hand with all their cleaning duties. To us it doesn’t matter whether we have to conduct a full scale cleaning project or a single area cleaning job because we are prepared to handle both tasks immaculately. Down bellow we have listed some of our most praised and sought after services:

  • End of tenancy cleaning – Our end of tenancy cleaning services are reputed as one of the finest in London. It is like this because to date we have never failed to handle a job in full accordance with the demands of our clients. We have the needed tools to clean both residential and commercial rentals unit and more importantly to impeccably clean all types of household or office features such as carpets, rugs, curtains, furnishings, kitchen and bathroom appliances, countertops, electronics and etc.
  • Oven cleaning – Cooking in a clean oven is absolutely mandatory, so if you don’t have the knowledge or time to clean your oven regularly, don’t hesitate to delegate the task to us. We have the know-how to clean all types of ovens including electric, gas, built-in, double, brick and commercial ovens. We are fully aware of all the sanitary and health regulations due to the fact that we are often contacted to clean ovens that are used in restaurants and eateries. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products which don’t contain any chemical or toxic ingredients. After all our goal is to clean the ovens of our clients, don’t contaminate them with hazardous particles.
  • Window cleaning – By calling us you will opt to benefit from the best window cleaning services in London and you won’t have to worry that your household or place of work isn’t properly illuminated by natural light. The quantity of your windows won’t be an issue as we have a huge tam of capable and hard working cleaners who can easily and quickly clean all types of windows. As with all our cleaning services we use only the best cleaning machines and products. The best aspect of our window cleaning services is that we always manage to remove all the stains and more importantly we never leave water marks and spots behind.
  • Contract cleaning – We understand that most of you are living dynamic and busy lives and this is why we are ready to assist you with your cleaning responsibilities by providing you contract cleaning services. The most common cleaning periods with which we work are daily, bi-daily, weekly and monthly. Of course if none of these periods suit you, don’t be shy to tell us about it. We promise you that we will find a way to meet your demand and handle your cleaning chores at a day and time that best suits you.

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Cleaning LondonYou can learn more about the remainder of our services by exploring our company website in full and check out our prices page. Also don’t be shy to contact us during work hours is you have any questions regarding our services. We will gladly provide you answers and supplementary information.

As you have already understood we work in London. We cover the entire city, metropolitan area included. The English capital is home to several prominent theatres such as the Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe and Royal Albert Hall. The latter date back to 1871 and presently has a capacity of 5.272 seats.